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Our Products

Corum Flange pipe fittings and flanges to provide better construction or repair support

Flanges and pipe fittings have different applications in different areas. In case you are building or are thinking of building a new house or need to make repairs to the existing ones, then pipe fitting is a crucial area where you need to look after. The type of hardware has applications in many areas, whether you have a residential or commercial building, without pipe fittings it isn’t possible to control the flow of liquids and gases to the building. While looking on the flange and fitting factors we see that lots of highly advanced user friendly modules can be availed to get the customized design and functionality in accordance with your requirements.


Corum Flange has been the leading company to undertake forging operations to manufacture, supply and export carbon steel pipe fittings, alloy steel fittings, steel fittings, etc. The final product is constructed with the optimum quality manufacturing materials keeping in match with the highest standards of manufacturing that we are proud of. Our combination of manufacturing expertise with the continuous investment policy that invests in the latest technologies and processes enable us to meet international requirements and market standards.

Where they are used?

Products that are manufactured by us are required for the maintenance of industries such as natural gas, petroleum, electric power, pharmaceuticals, construction equipment, automobiles, chemical industry, food processing, etc. A broad range of materials are used for manufacture of pipe and its fitting machines. For what fitting purpose you are using the pipe for will depend upon the purpose of pipe fitting. Some most commonly used materials that are required for maintenance and manufacturing of pipe fitting can include.

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Malleable iron
  • Alloy steel
  • Low temperature service carbon steel
  • Non-ferrous metals like incoloy, inconel, cupro nickel, etc.
  • Generally the pipe body and fittings is the same as the materials of pipe that is needed to be linked such as copper, steel, CPVC, ABS, PVC, etc. Therefore whatever material you use must be compatible with the entire system, the pressure, inner and outer temperature and the fluid to be transported. The selection criteria of pipe fitting materials can also get altered by factors such as fire hazards, earthquake resistance, etc.


    Pipe fittings that are manufactured by Corum Flange match the international pipe schedule according to the American Standards ASME/ANSI, European DIN standards and GOST while the designing of non-standard products are done on the user drawings. Being among the leading flanges manufacturers in India, Corum Flange is capable of producing up to 2000 tons of pipe fittings and flanges of different varieties per month. Matching the international pipe schedules our custom made flanges are highly valued by the clients. In case you think the pipe fitting tasks to be among the simple ones then you are wrong. The reason is the pipes and fittings are required to get adjusted and selected while being compatible with the work pressure of the whole piping system. Therefore it is always necessary to get the support from the piping industry professionals if you aren’t familiar with the appropriate know how of doing domestic pipe fitting work by self.

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